Find out how you can become a property developer in 10 simple steps

Despite how devastating the property world was a few years back, it is finally starting to pick back up. Now is the perfect time to start your property development business as properties are expected to rise by 25% in the next five years and the introduction of Government schemes mean easier access to finance for buyers. Find out about other careers.

But, how do you join an industry that is growing at a rapid rate? Find out by reading our tips and tricks on entering the market.

Develop your own business plan

Part-time or full-time, either way it is vital that you develop a property development business plan. Set yourself specific targets, goals and aims with a realistic time frame, this will make it much more motivational and will help you to achieve what you set out to complete.

Write down what you want to achieve and the steps that you need to complete to help you reach your objectives.

See: Write a business plan – GOV.UK

Have suitable property finance in place?

The main way of achieving your property development goals is by having the funds to start and complete your projects. There are many ways of getting the money you need and the most common is through loans from either banks or private lenders. See the lending process.

If you’re most likely to borrow from a private lender, we suggest using Hunter Finance. They have an excellent reputation that has been built up through their security, uniqueness and professionalism. The team at Hunter Finance are able to offer fast loans between £100,000 and £2.5 million, so whatever the size of your project, Hunter Finance is able to cover you. Call 01825 749721 today.

See below for areas they operate in:

Property development finance in the South of England